When will my website show up when doing a Google Search?

Appearing in google’s search results does not automatically happen when your site goes live. This is because Google doesn’t search the web—it searches its index of the web. And Google keeps its index current by crawling or scanning the web and looking for new information like your website. Only when Google crawls your new website will it be added to goggle’s index where it can then be searched.

The time it takes Google to index your new website varies and is ultimately out of your (and our) hands.  It can take anywhere from hours to days to weeks.

Note: even though your new website may not be searchable yet, the content is still accessible simply by typing your web address into the address bar.

How do I know if my new content has been indexed?

You can determine whether or not your new content or website has been indexed simply by searching for it on Google. Type the following into google: “site:yourdomain.com". If your website shows up, then you know your site has been indexed.

Google’s web crawlers will eventually discover your website even if you don’t do a thing, but here are some tips that can help you speed up the process:

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